Cross-Party Support for Rocket League

Rocket League players on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, will soon be able to link their Rocket League ID’s which will finally allow for long-awaited parties. Cross-party The news was announced during the latest episode of Inside Xbox along with the news that Rocket League is now available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. ... Read more

Terraria; still in development

We also haven’t heard too much about the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria but the developers have promised that it is still in development for the system. The Re-logic team plans to reveal more about the popular sandbox title for the Nintendo Switch, and also mobile, when they are ready to do so. Switch and Mobile ... Read more

Ubisoft confirms Steep is still in development

We don’t know when Steep will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch, but Ubisoft has reconfirmed that its extreme sports title is still in development for the console. Ubisoft about Steep According to the publisher, the game’s launch details are TBD (to be determined) and further information will come at a later date. The following statement ... Read more

Square Enix Apologises – Octopath Traveler shortage

It seems as though Square Enix’s well-received Octopath Traveler on the Nintendo Switch has performed well as the game is currently experiencing shortages in Japan. And yeah that is fast. No actual numbers have been made available but  Square Enix has taken to Twitter to apologise to those wishing to purchase a physical copy of the ... Read more

Estimated size Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you want to have the game digitally, you can already make room for free. Although it will take some time before we can get started with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the official Japanese Nintendo Store has already provided an estimate of the amount of storage space you will need when you purchase the game ... Read more

All-Star Fruit Racing launch trailer

The release of All-Star Fruit Racing is celebrated with a trailer. About All-Star Fruit Racing All-Star Fruit Racing is an action-packed racing game where you have to pull out all the stops to be the best in career mode. You can challenge yourself in the homemade tournaments with extra game mode like shutdown races. Race ... Read more

Beat Rush

Dodge the spikes and traps! Collect lots of gold on the way to the top! Unlock unique characters for more fun, and level up for more challenges! Beat Rush is your new addiction! With this brand new beat-based action platform game, you will challenge your skills and see what you’re capable of. The gameplay is ... Read more

Pokémon Let’s Go is Pokémon Yellow?

Last week two new trailers of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee appeared. GameXplain put these trailers next to the original and compared both games. The trailers that we saw last week gave us a lot of new information. We got to see different Pokémon where the player could ride. We also saw the Misty ... Read more