Share and Play same game at the same time online together

Share and Play same game at the same time online together

Nintendo Switch Online has feature called Game Sharing that allows players to share their digital games on a primary system with a secondary system.

Game sharing limits

Game Sharing obviously has some limits, such as allowing only one system to play the game and making sure the secondary system which digital games are shared with remains connected to the Internet at all times.

Now a new workaround has been found which doesn’t require players to disconnect from the Internet whenever they want to play the same digital game, meaning they can all play together online.

Play together online

All the player has to do on the primary system is to play the game using a Nintendo Account that isn’t the one they used to purchase the game. The player on the secondary system has to play as the Nintendo Account that was used to purchase the game.

Some advice

If you intend to share your games with someone for a long period of time, you should consider setting your Nintendo Switch as the secondary system instead and have your family or friend set theirs as the primary system.

That way, both players can continue playing via their own Nintendo Accounts.

We hope this helps you in some way or form to enjoy games with friends or family even more!