Towers gameplay trailer features styles from Zelda and Monster Hunter

Towers gameplay trailer features styles from Zelda and Monster Hunter

An unknown developer called Dreamlit Entertainment has suddenly surfaced and published its first preview video for Towers.


Towers – yeah Towers

According to the official website, this Towers trailer is a game prototype made by 6 core developers over the course of 12 months. Dreamlit Entertainment sought out to create a fantastical world full of mysteries and wonders for players to explore, build, and defend together.

Apparently, Towers seems to be heavily inspired by acclaimed titles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Monster Hunter, and even Shadow of the Colossus. As seen on the trailer, the game lets players glide in open air via a glider similar to Breath of the Wild’s paraglider. Other BOTW similar features also shows players surveying the vista on top of towers and wielding bows. Amusingly enough, these towers are also reminiscent of the Bokoblin guard towers.

The trailer also gives a Monster Hunter vibe what with all the huge creatures being hunted by a group of masked hunters. Later in the preview, towering creatures resembling those of the giants in the Shadow of the Colossus were shown.

Towers is now in development and is said to include exploration, building, farming, and multiplayer elements. Not much is known about the developers and the game and no platforms have been named.

Release date has yet to be announced.