Gleamlight devs – Still in early development in response to Hollow Knight comparison

Many fans noticed that when Gleamlight took the stage in the Indie World presentation there where similarities to the acclaimed Hollow Knight.

Polygon contacted the publisher behind Gleamlight and expressed the opinion that they and legions of other felt the game borrowed too heavily on Hollow Knight. 

D3Publisher / DICO replies

‘Gleamlight’ is still in development and it’s not final at this moment. The dev team is aware of ‘Hollow Knight’ but the game has nothing to do with that title.

Let’s chime in here ourselves as avid Hollow Knight fans … sure there are similarities but that is really how far as it goes. It’s not a Hollow Knight clone in our eyes.  I’ll go on record and state that if it even can emulate a fraction of the look and feel from Hollow Knight and be as on point with both sound, level design and difficulty; it will be a title I would gladly play.

And even if it looks a bit like Hollow Knight … well aspire to greatness is all I am going to say.

About Gleamlight

A terrifying, sad, but warm story drawn in a beautiful glassy world. The player becomes a sword in the story and advances to the heart of the world with the help of some children.

  • Original art and the world with stained glass motif
  • Game design without UI to enhance immersive gameplay
  • Story telling which skillfully uses player psychology without using language