Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes physical published by Nintendo

Grasshopper Manufacture has confirmed a few pieces of information on Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes to Gematsu recently.

No More Heroes physical and more

While the digital version of the game will be published by Grasshopper Manufacture themselves, the physical edition will be handled by Nintendo in North America and Europe.

Grasshopper Manufacture also confirmed that all physical versions of the game will come with a Season Pass. The Season Pass includes an additional character, adventure scenario, and stage.

So there you have it, physical and season pass dlc. More details will be surely revealed in the future.

Cool to see that Nintendo is going to take care of the physical releases of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. At least we know by that it will be done right and supplies will be in order. Also it is a stamp of approval on a title, when Nintendo wants to take care of it right?