AeternoBlade II – Third Person Perspective Combat Gameplay Trailer

AeternoBlade II – Third Person Perspective Combat Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay clip for CORECELL’s AeternoBlade 2 featuring the game’s third-person perspective combat.


Now, the developers have shown more hack-and-slash action with the protagonist sporting some impressive moves!

About AeternoBlade II 

AeternoBlade II is the sequel of AeternoBlade, a time-manipulation action & puzzle side-scrolling platformer featuring with world exploration and RPG elements. We enhance more features in AeternoBlade II including Time-stop, Time-forwarding plus more action features that will make gameplay more intense and interesting.

In AeternoBlade,  because the limitation of the budget made us a lot of constraining to finish the game. But AeternoBlade II, we are now can aim to the better quality of gameplay and graphic.

We read every comment, listened to every YouTuber reviews our game. All the problems, we’ve learned and will be correct in AeternoBlade II.

By practicing the team for Unreal Engine 4 for 2 years.Now, we are sure that AeternoBladeII could be the great game for our fans.

The game will be on PS4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.