Bethesda & Id Software – Still investigating Rage 2

Bethesda & Id Software – Still investigating Rage 2

Id Software director Tim Willits commented quite some time ago that the likelihood of open-world shooter Rage 2 getting a Nintendo Switch port was rather uncertain. 

Willits cited challenges with getting the game’s unique engine running on the  Nintendo Switch.


Note; NOT Nintendo Switch footage


Despite those earlier mentioned roadblocks, however, Bethesda and Id Software are apparently still keen on getting the game working on the  Nintendo hybrid. In a recent interview with Polygon, Willits reiterated that both companies were still ‘investigating’ a Switch version of the game.

How well this bodes for Rage 2 actually getting a release on the Nintendo Switch remains to be seen.

But it would be wonderful to see the very bloody playground where there are no rules, insanity rules on Nintendo’s console. It could then truly go anywhere, while shooting anything and exploding everything.

What do you guys think, is it at all possible to get Rage 2 running on the Nintendo Switch?