Blizzard: Overwatch should be feasible

Blizzard: Overwatch should be feasible

Recently it was announced that Diablo III: Eternal Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Blizzard brings a game to a Nintendo console after a long time. Is that the beginning of something beautiful?

Blizzard is more than Diablo

This may also increase the chance of other Blizzard titles. Gamespot therefore asked Blizzard’s senior producer Pete Stilwell if they had plans to bring more games to the Nintendo Switch.

Pete Stilwell said that developing Diablo for the Nintendo Switch was a great opportunity to get to know the system. In the future, a game like Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch might also be possible he gave to him.

Yes, it is feasible … Anything is within the realm of possibility … Our team was given the task to work on this. If Team 4 picks up that endeavor, that’s on them. As of right now Diablo is our only focus on Nintendo Switch.

Starcraft, another game from Blizzard, however, not because the gameplay would have to change too much because the game is mainly controlled by mouse and keyboard.

Nah that is still great news, would you like to see an Overwatch port on the Nintendo Switch? Probably right?