Cadence Of Hyrule – Initially DLC but Nintendo wanted full game

Cadence Of Hyrule – Initially DLC but Nintendo wanted full game

One of the biggest surprises of the Nindies Showcase which took place was the reveal that Brace Yourself Games is working on their very own The Legend of Zelda themed title; Cadence of Hyrule.


How Cadence Of Hyrule became a full game

Brace Yourself Games had the idea of adding Zelda characters to their game, but Nintendo was more excited about the prospect than that, they actually wanted the team to develop a full-game.

We were considering making a new Nintendo Switch project, and we imagined how cool it would be to have Zelda characters appearing in NecroDancer; say as DLC.” But Nintendo’s interest apparently grew beyond a simple DLC.

To our surprise, Nintendo was extremely interested in the prospect, and before we knew it we were working on a completely new title, mashing up NecroDancer with The Legend of Zelda!

[Brace Yourself Games] worked directly with our Japan teams to get that [Zelda] content in there,” even if “ it doesn’t really fall in line with a Zelda-type title.

Well all we can say is, kudos of to them for daring to ask Nintendo. But also Nintendo for having faith in the studio to make a full fledged game of it.