Chucklefish: Post launch support Wargroove, QOL, DLC and more

Chucklefish: Post launch support Wargroove, QOL, DLC and more

On a recent Reddit AMA, Chucklefish has earnestly answered fans’ questions about the hit retro strategy game Wargroove.


Among the slew of questions asked, the team has revealed plans for a possible online ranked mode and post-launch support. Interestingly, Chucklefish is now at work for future DLC’s including game improvements.

Chucklefish AMA highlights

On online competitive play:

Chucklefish Games: “We are tracking ELO at the moment and using it for quickplay matchmaking, so we already have the tracking in place. We’re waiting to see how the online play evolves and whether or not a ranked mode would fit. We don’t want to divide the playerbase right away, but it’s on our maybe list.”

The biggest programming hurdle in making Wargroove:

Chucklefish Games: “The online aspects of the game were probably the biggest challenge. The things that we had to deal with included cross-network multiplayer requirements, hosting independent servers, security, content sharing, handling timers for realtime matches over an asynchronous infrastructure, controlling AI, and many more details! The work on all of this involved most of the programming team (there’s four of us) in some way or another.”

Post-launch support:

Chucklefish Games: “Lots of post launch support!

Quality of life fixes coming soon, we’ve heard you all there. Free content updates are planned too.

Look for quicker skipping of battle cutscenes, an option for faster map movement locked on by default, online play with bots, some tweaks to fog of war, and some other bits and bobs.”

“There will be DLC 🙂 can’t tell you quite what we’re planning yet!”


Wargroove launched on 1st February 2019 and is now readily available to download via eShop.