Cool Nintendo Switch Lite flip cover case

Cool Nintendo Switch Lite flip cover case

If you are waiting for the launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite which launches on 20th September then it could be a good idea to get a case.

That is if you are planning to take it out and about with you on your travels.

Flip case

Nintendo recently announced a special flip case for the upcoming dedicated handheld system and it seems to look really sleak. It protects the whole system when it’s not being used and it is due out on 1st November.  Which is sadly a bit later then the new version of the console itself.

The accessory is currently listed at Nintendo Japan’s online store for about $35. Gray appears to be the only color option for at this time, which may complement the console’s bright colors.

The case features a couple of raised circles for the console’s joysticks, and while the flip cover does not have a lock, it snugly fits right over the screen to prevent it from unsightly scratches.

Portable and protected

The snap-on case further highlights the portability of the Nintendo Switch Lite, making it an even better travel companion compared to the original Nintendo Switch. 

It remains unclear if the snap-on case will be made available other parts of the world. Importing the accessory may add quite a bit to the accessory’s cost, so hopefully, it finds its way to other Nintendo online stores outside of Japan as well.