Destiny Connect gameplay

Destiny Connect gameplay

Nippon Ichi Software fans can now get a up-close look at Destiny Connect in action! The developer recently held a preview event showing off a live demo of the RPG.

In particular, we get a brief preview of the game’s combat and enemies, along with a longer look at the game’s over-world exploration.


About Destiny Connect

A Story that Revolves Around Time

The protagonist is Sherry, a girl who lives in the suburban town of Clocknee. In order to figure out the mystery of the disaster that struck the town, Sherry will travel through time with her companions to fight against Clocknee’s crisis.

Sherry and company will encounter characters from various different eras during their adventure, and grow in the process. That being said, the “bonds between generations” is also one of the themes of this title.

The setting of the story is Clocknee, a town with ancient history.

Sherry, a girl who lives in Clocknee, went to go see the fireworks show at the “Soulman Fes” New Year festival with her mother. The moment the New Year finally arrived, the people of the town mysteriously stopped moving all at once.

Strange machines started moving in place of the frozen humans.

In order to find out the cause of the disaster, Sherri sets off on a trip with the time travel mecha Isaac and her friend Pegreo to a Clocknee of the past.

Destiny Connect will be launching for Nintendo Switch in Japan on 14 March 2019.