Dodge Hard coming soon

Dodge Hard coming soon

Vanguard have recently published their game Dodge Hard today on the Nintendo EShop in Japan at ¥2,000! This is a port for Nintendo Switch of an indie game previously available on smartphones!


About Dodge Hard

Destroy an underground city built by a mad scientist! Become a hero who fights against war robots to save the world!

  • A nice hybrid of Danmaku (Bullet hell) and RPG – Enjoy this classic retro-style bullet hell shooter on your mobile! – Level up, collect and salvage items, craft and enhance weapons to be stronger!
  • A wide variety of weapon – Each gun fires different type of bullets – Choose the best weapon to your taste and defeat the monsters effectively
  • Ever-changing stages – New rooms and passages show up randomly whenever a stage is opened – With the ever-changing stages, you’ll never be bored!
  • Powerful evil bosses – Each boss has different bullet patterns. Learn it to survive! – Prepare yourself for new bosses that appear every 5th floors!