Fan Mod – Playable Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Fan Mod – Playable Luigi in Super Mario Odyssey

Sadly when Nintendo originally released Super Mario Odyssey back in 2017 Luigi did not have a prominent role in the game.

He was only being tied in as a costume reference and was later in the Balloon World update as the host of the mini-game.

Playable Luigi

But that now all changes with this impressive fan mod from modders Atlas and Wexos that adds in a playable Luigi with a unique model


Video credits: BeardBear

The mod is very impressive and we can not wait to see what these modders bring next in to Super Mario Odyssey! I still kinda hoped that Peach did not say Mario but meh, maybe in a future version.

Please note we do not condone piracy or modifying Nintendo Switch systems but with all the developments happening on that front we can simply have to report on it.