Georifters coming 2019, gameplay + details

Georifters coming 2019, gameplay + details

Georifters is a game developed and published by Taiwanese studio Busy Toaster.

The game, developed with Unreal Engine 4, is currently scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2019, and will be shown to the public first at Taipei Game Show.


About Georifters

In Georifters, players can modify the ground in different ways to “progress and battle each other”.

Georifters follows the heroes of five different bubble worlds that have the rare ability to push, flip, twist and turn the ground. One day, their lives are accidentally linked by a strange portal that appeared between their worlds, pushing them to step out of their bubbles as they face challenges and battle competitors.

The adventure mode is available for solo players and trails a journey of discovery as the characters travel through the fantastical neighboring bubble worlds. Battle Race is a lively competition mode where up to 4 players can show off their skills as they go head to head at full speed, battling for crystals – and bragging rights.


Georifters is a shifting action platformer developed and published by Busy Toaster. With a Nintendo Switch launch date scheduled for 2019, the title will be seen by the public for the first time during Taipei Game Show between January 25 th and 28 th , 2019. During the show, visitors will be able to experience the demo first hand and try out both modes available in the game: Adventure and Battle Race.


  • Unique mechanic that allows players to modify the ground to progress and battle each other.
  • Every character can modify the ground in a different way.
  • Characters have dozens of exclusively themed costumes.
  • Character’s abilities can be improved through collectable stickers.
  • Bubble worlds are split between hundreds of different stages.