Has RiME improved since its major update?

Has RiME improved since its major update?

RiME for Nintendo Switch received an extremely welcome patch recently and by the looks of things, it seems to be running much, much better.

Fans had to wait a considerable amount of time for the Nintendo Switch version to get released whilst PS4, Xbox One and PC players enjoyed the gorgeous title. When the release finally came round, it’s fair to say that we were greeted by a game that performed poorly.

Action taken by Tequila Works

However, Tequila Works has been grafting hard behind the scenes working on a patch and now RiME fans can play a much more improved version of the title on Nintendo Switch thanks to a major patch that went live.

Check out the comparison video below to see for yourself how well the game runs now;


We actually played the game quite a bit but at some point stopped because it really played sluggish, we are now rethinking picking it up again. 

Did you already try the new patch?