Kickstarter – Ultimate Gamecube Adapter

Kickstarter – Ultimate Gamecube Adapter

Gearhawk Studio will be collaborating with Panda Global to bring out an amazing Nintendo Switch stand that has Gamecube ports built in to it!

This is great for players of Super Smash Bros Ultimate who still want to play the game in portable mode with Gamecube controllers.

Ultimate GameCube Adapter

The aim of this project is to reduce the amount of wires needed while playing your Gamecube controllers in Nintendo Switch Portable Mode,

This is currently only a Kickstarter and it has already managed to meet its first target but they will be adding a adjustable angle soon if they meet their 2nd target so check out their Kickstarter here;

All in one

It all seems to be an all in one package as this stand also has a 2nd USB slot for more controllers and even an Ethernet port for handheld mode for those with a slow connection!

Personal opinion

BUT, for my own personal taste it is just to beefy to really be portable. I am in no way saying it’s a bad product but it’s just not a product for me. That does not mean it isn’t a great option for dedicated Smash players.  Maybe the major facts is that I am not a competitive Smash Ultimate player and almost have fully completed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at this point.

Be sure to back the project if you are interested in getting one!

What are your thoughts on the Ultimate Gamecube Adapter?