Metroid Prime 4 – Development restarted

Metroid Prime 4 – Development restarted

Nintendo has uploaded a new video detailing development on the long awaited Metroid Prime 4.


In the video, Shinya Takahashi, Senior Managing Executive Officer, reveals that development on Metroid Prime 4 has not reached Nintendo’s standards.

Development restarted

Development has been started from scratch. He also revealed that the game will now be developed in collaboration with Retro Studios, the original developer of the Metroid Prime series.

This will cause a significant delay in the internal planned release schedule, which is sure to disappoint fans of the series. It is stressed that the game is still in development, and Takahashi-san promises that the game will “stand shoulder-to-shoulder” with past Prime titles.


While I am greatly disappointed to say the least, I am ok with Retro Studios who have done stellar work on the original Metroid Prime series.

I do hope that Nintendo knows this is a very mixed signal and that they at least go through with the port of the Metroid Prime Trilogy edition to Nintendo Switch.

What are your thoughts?