New Nintendo Patent – Bendable Joy-Cons?

New Nintendo Patent – Bendable Joy-Cons?

Nintendo seems to be throwing all kinds of strange ideas at the drawing board again. It feels like we are going back to the Wii era.

New patent

A new Joy-Con patent from Nintendo recently showed up in Japan’s official patent database. The patent shows hinges placed alongside the Joy-Con charging rail. The new Joy-Con patent appears to make the Joy-Con bendable both while attached to the console and while detached from it.

As with all patents, this is just an idea that Nintendo is considering, it doesn’t mean that this Joy-Con design will become a reality. 

So there is no guarantee that this will become an actual product.

It’s not clear what the company hopes to achieve with this design, or if it will ever release for real – but it’s looking pretty crazy, for sure!