New Rabbids Party Game announced in China

New Rabbids Party Game announced in China

With the Nintendo Switch debuting in China, it looks like Ubisoft already has an exclusive on the horizon.

Ubisoft Chengdu has revealed a brand new Rabbids Party game for Switch – themed around the Journey to the West folklore. From what we can tell so far, the game will support up to four players and utilize the Joy-Con gyro sensors for various minigames.


Crazy Rabbids

Crazy Rabbids (unofficial translation) has been tailored for Chinese Switch fans, which may suggest that the game won’t see a release outside of China. It also appears to be created with the Chinese launch of the Nintendo Switch in mind.

With such a specific look and feel, it’s likely that the game will remain within Chinese borders.

About ChinaJoy

ChinaJoy is a significant event in the Chinese gaming calendar, and takes place August 2 – 5. More details on the game will likely be revealed over that weekend, so there’s a potential for clarification soon on if the game will come to the West.