New Trials Rising Trailer – Post-Launch DLC

New Trials Rising Trailer – Post-Launch DLC

Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer for Trials Rising, outlining the game’s post-launch DLC. This time, Producer Mikko explains what the title’s expansion pass will offer.


Post Launch DLC

In Season One, players will get to experience new tracks in the ‘Sixty Six’ and ‘Crash & Sunburn’ expansions – along with extra costumes and bikes.

Additionally, the trailer confirms that the game will be officially launching on 26 February 2019. This is a little later than the previously-announced date of 12 February 2019.

About Trials Rising

In Trials Rising, the player controls a rider on a physics-based motorcycle from the start of the level to the end while navigating a number of obstacles. The game features obstacle courses set in various parts of the world such as the Eiffel Tower and Mount Everest, and the player can compete against each other in local and online multiplayer.

The game allows players to view other players’ best personal performance and they will be notified when the player’s record is broken by others. In addition to being able to create custom obstacle courses and share it with other players, players can also customize the rider’s outfit and the motorcycle