Nintendo Switch Online 8 million+ subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online 8 million+ subscribers

Nintendo recently held their investors briefing, and we have finally gotten our first information on how well Nintendo’s online subscription service is doing.


According to Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo Switch Online currently has more than 8 million accounts.

Looking at that number it still seems not to bad for the service we call Nintendo Switch Online.

About Nintendo Switch Online


Online Play
Enjoy competitive and co-operative online gaming with friends and rivals from all around the world in supported Nintendo Switch titles, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

As of 2019; Servers should become more stabile, matchmaking should be done better.

Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online
Enjoy access to a growing library of classic NES games anytime, anywhere – with added online features!

As of 2019; NES is nice and all, but we need more in the realm of retro.

Save Data Cloud
Securely and automatically back up your game data online for easy access. This makes it simple to retrieve your game data if you lose your Nintendo Switch console, or start using a new one.
Please note: not compatible with all software.

As of 2019; Cloud saves are ok, but a restore account function would be great, that and saves to SD.

Smartphone app
Use the dedicated Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app to enable voice chat and access special features in supported Nintendo Switch titles.
Users must be aged 13 or above and have a Nintendo Account in order to use this service.

As of 2019; This is still crap, Voice chat should be onboard of the Nintendo Switch.

Exclusive offers for members
Enjoy a range of offers only for members, such as exclusive products that only Nintendo Switch Online members can purchase!

As of 2019; I have not seen any, or should I count the NES Controllers? Because I do not want to.