Nintendo Switch outsells Base PlayStation 4

Nintendo Switch outsells Base PlayStation 4

The latest Media Create sales charts from Japan have been published. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch has now outsold the base PlayStation 4 system.

What did Nintendo Switch outsell?

That’s the standard PlayStation 4 and the remodelled slim.

  • PlayStation 4 + PlayStation 4 Slim: 6.540.000
  • Nintendo Switch: 6.670.000

Media Create counts the sales of individual formats so while the Nintendo Switch has outsold the base PlayStation 4, it hasn’t outsold the base console plus the PlayStation 4 Pro.

However, it should manage that fairly soon seeing as the gap is rather small and the sales of the Nintendo Switch are still going like mad.

We wonder how many Playstation or Xbox players have also decided to get a Nintendo Switch … as a secondary or a portable console. Did you do either of those?