Nintendo Switch sales of Wulverblade have done very well!

Nintendo Switch sales of Wulverblade have done very well!

The Nintendo Switch game library is becoming fuller and fuller with the appearance of countless indie titles. The often independent studios are happy to bring their titles to the Nintendo Switch, hoping to take a bit of the thunderous success of the console. And not without success, as it turned out in the past.

For example, the Nintendo Switch version of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap sold more than all other versions together.

Sales of Wulverblade

A similar success story is added to this list. Fully Illustrated, a supporting company for game developers, said that the side-scrolling fighting game Wulverblade performed extremely well on Nintendo Switch: it sold more in the first month than on all other platforms.

To illustrate this, the company also published a convincing chart. You can find them in the tweet below. Fully Illustrated adds that the gap has only grown since then.

Isn’t it nice to see that such titles do so well on the Nintendo platform?