Nintendo to announce full Switch Autumn lineup at appropriate time

Nintendo to announce full Switch Autumn lineup at appropriate time

Judging from the reactions from Nintendo’s presentation during E3 2018 last month, some people were concerned about the autumn line-up for the Nintendo Switch.

Well it seems we do not have to worry, as former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed during the general meeting of shareholders that the company plans to announce a few more titles for the autumn at a later date this year.

Mr. Kimishima’s insights

Kimishima-san was also asked about Nintendo’s presentation at E3 and the fact that it caused a sharp decline in the stock value. He explained that the company is preparing to disclose more information to the customers at an appropriate timing, including products that will be launched during the year-end shopping battle. It’s not yet time to announce the full lineup.

That being said, he listed the games that will be released before the end of the fiscal year, mentioning that it’s a “powerful lineup.” Nintendo aims to maintain and expand the momentum of the Switch towards the year-end shopping battle (this is a widely used definition in Japan for the shopping rush at the end of the year). He believes that more detailed information can be disclosed to the customers in the future.

Well what are we hoping for?