Piranha Plant nerfed before being added

Piranha Plant nerfed before being added

Meshima, a dataminer who has access to the internal files of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has made an interesting discovery about Piranha Plant.

Jump nerf on day 1

According to Meshima, Piranha Plant was originally planned to be a tri-jumps fighter. This would mean Piranha Plant could have had the ability to jump three consecutive times. However, for reasons unknown, Nintendo reduced the number of times it could jump from 3 to 2 in a Day 1 patch.

Despite the case, Meshima has found the animation for the unused 3rd jump, which looks like this:

And even without that Piranha Plant still packs quite a punch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and  some people have called for it to be nerfed again.

Do you feel Piranha Plant is overpowered and should be balanced more?