Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition patch solved framerate issues

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition patch solved framerate issues

When Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch released in September, many people asked questions about the subtitle ‘Definitive Edition’.

So okay the game contains all the extra character skins and the like but the problems with the framerate were really a problem, which sometimes meant that the game was not even fun to play. We left the game on the shelf for some time now … and we love Rayman so that’s saying a lot.

Add to this the loading times that are really out of this time and you have a recipe for a fun game gone bad.


But Ubisoft finally released a patch which should take care of these issues; 

We appreciate your patience concerning performance issues that some of you may have encountered while playing Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch. This latest patch, available for download now, reduces loading times between levels and fixes frame rate-related issues as well.

We are going to give the game a reassessment because, as we said, we love Rayman, and hope that this patch will help the game. In addition we would really welcome a 4th installement of Rayman game … Give us more Rayman Ubisoft!