Resolution lower in handheld for Rocket League

Resolution lower in handheld for Rocket League

Earlier this year at E3 it was said that Rocket League should be running at 720p at all times on the Nintendo Switch, whichever way you played the game docked or handheld.

Now Psyonix let us know that this does not apply when playing in Handheld mode. Then they had to use a dynamic resolution. According to Psyonix the game will hover around 576p. This is done to ensure that it can maintain the frame rate of 60fps 

Psyonix will try to optimize the game after the launch.

Rocket League runs at 1280×720 in Docked and uses a dynamic resolution scaler in Undocked (handheld) depending on the stadium being played. Generally speaking it hovers around 1024×576. Post launch we plan to continue working on optimizing the game.

Our experience

Yesterday we made a start with the game and both docked and handheld play great, but lets be honest for NintendoReporters it is not about resolutions. We are not Digital Foundry in that regard as for us the gameplay matters more then the actual resolution. 

For the record, we are Rocket League noobs, but the performance on both docked and handheld mode suited us pretty well. What do you think? What is more important gameplay of resolution?