RXN: Raijin physical release + Limited Edition

RXN: Raijin physical release + Limited Edition

RXN: Raijin appeared last year in the Nintendo Switch eShop and now it has become known that the game will also get a physical release.

About RXN: Raijin

RXN: Raijin is a typical Japanese shooter. You arrive in a top-down level with your plane where you then take on hordes of enemies and occasionally an end boss. As you go through the single player mode you can make your ship stronger so you can handle more difficult levels.

Different releases

In September, a physical version and a Limited Edition will be published, of which only 3 thousand copies will be made. The latter version includes an ArtBook and SteelBook.

This physical version is offered via play-Asia for $ 39.99.

The Limited Edition costs $ 49.99. Fans of the series can also enjoy the release here as the Nintendo Switch is region-free. Pre-ordering is possible from 30 August.

Did you play RXN: Raijin and did the game please you? If yes, are you going to purchase one of these releases?