Sakurai – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Day One Patch

Sakurai – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Day One Patch

In the latest Famitsu a column by Masahiro Sakurai was published. Source Gaming translated what Sakurai said, where they discovered some interesting news for those who are getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Which is basically everyone right?

Day One Patch

According to Sakurai, the game will receive its first update on launch day. The update will only be for players who bought the physical version of the game. Here’s what Sakurai said about the matter in full:

We will distribute our first update on launch day. Players who purchased the digital version don’t need to worry, but players who purchased the physical version should apply this day-one patch before you play.

This will also prevent your replays from going off-track. By the way, if you save your replays as videos, you can keep them forever, but note that they take up a lot of space!

Well that was quick, but with the recent leaks of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it was also bound that they would unearth some issues. Let’s hope that takes care of every and all issue and seeing the leak happend I hope Nintendo takes appropriate action in regard to competitive Smash so it will not be a ruined experience.