Samurai Shodown – Ukyo Tachibana Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown – Ukyo Tachibana Character Trailer

SNK has unveiled the third character-focused trailer for the upcoming Samurai Shodown reboot.
This third trailer features Ukyo Tachibana – a master of Iaijutsu but is stricken with an incurable respiratory disease.


About Ukyo Tachibana

Ukyo is coined the “Doc Holiday of Japan.”

Ukyo is incredibly precise with his attacks and he moves so quickly it appears that he’s standing still! The character also utilizes pyrotechnics and evasive techniques to make his tool kit even more devastating.

In the new Samurai Shodown, players can defeat each other in as little as three hits under certain conditions. During a hands-on demo of the fighting game in New York, Samurai Shodown producer Yasuyuki Oda and director Nobuyuki Kuroki showed off those powerful, blood-spraying hits and how their new game is returning to the series’ roots. You can see some of their gameplay in the video above.

The new Samurai Shodown will be a prequel to the original game, and will include much of the cast from that 1993 Neo Geo fighting game. SNK is planning 16 characters for launch, 13 veterans and three newcomers. Fighters like Galford, Haohmaru, Earthquake, Charlotte, and Nakoruru will return, looking true to their early ’90s selves, but updated with stylized 3D models.

Samurai Shodown will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in Winter 2019.