SEGA AGES: OutRun still coming in 2018

SEGA AGES: OutRun still coming in 2018

The SEGA AGES line of Nintendo Switch releases has been going strongly. We relayed the news of Phantasy Star‘s December 13th release, but that wasn’t SEGA’s only announcement.

SEGA has also confirmed that OutRun will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime before the end of this year. This version of the game will have “60 FPS, widescreen. gyro control, and additional background music”.


Note: Not Nintendo Switch footage, obviously

About Sega Outrun

Based on the 1986 arcade classic originally developed by AM2, the Nintendo Switch eShop version handled by M2 will once again modernise this release – with 60fps, widescreen support and gyro controls to recreate arcade steering.

It will also include all of the iconic and catchy tunes such as Passing Breeze and Magical Sound Shower, as well as tune-up features and BGM from the 3D Classics version – released on the 3DS in 2015.