Square Enix shares Dragon Quest XI S footage

Square Enix shares Dragon Quest XI S footage

Dragon Quest XI S has been a long time in the making for the Nintendo Switch. We still do not have a firm release date although Square Enix is planning to release it this year.

It is not clear whether that is worldwide or just in Japan. The Square Enix broadcast live stream shows a smattering of footage.

About Dragon Quest XI S

Square Enix released the first teaser trailer for Dragon Quest XI S for the Nintendo Switch at the Jump Festa event in Japan.

In the original Dragon Quest XI, players are locked into a single marriage choice. However, in Dragon Quest XI S, players will be able to choose their bride. They will also have the option of living with two male characters, Erik or Hendrik, revealed Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii said in an interview with Famitsu.

The release has only been confirmed for Japan so far. However, with the English voice overs already available from the PlayStation 4 and PC versions, it should not take long for the Nintendo Switch version to find its way to North America.