Starlink: Battle for Atlas update available

Starlink: Battle for Atlas update available

Those of you who have purchased Starlink: Battle For Atlas should be made aware that a big new update is coming courtesy of developers Ubisoft.

Update details

The update adds a number of features including brand new enemy types, new outlaw fortifications along with a special photo mode. Starlink: Battle For Atlas is discounted at the moment on Amazon UK.

  • New Enemy Units – All planets of the Atlas star system will receive brand new enemy types, introducing unique gameplay mechanics and encouraging players to adopt new strategies.
  • New Activity – Outlaw fortifications will appear all over Atlas for players to take down. This new activity will provide loot and experience upon completion.
  • Photo Mode – Players will be able to capture the favorite moments of their journey throughout Atlas and express their creativity with several tools to personalize their shots.

Have you been enjoying Starlink: Battle for Atlas? It seems the press has to say the least;