Super Mario Odyssey extremely well received + sales figures

Super Mario Odyssey extremely well received + sales figures

Super Mario Odyssey became available on October 27 for the general public. The latest adventure of our favorite Italian is of course immensely popular. That is no surprise.

Also, Super Mario Odyssey has been very well received by the press. Let’s take a look at the highly respected Metacritic, as the new Mario game at the time of writing is getting a score of 97/100 out of 81 reviews by magazines, online publications etc. That’s obviously crazy.


The user rating is at the time of writing on a 9.0 out of 1481 reviews, keeping in mind that there are reviews giving the game a 0 which are in no way a fair representation for the game.

Sales Super Mario Odyssey

The game is doing extremely well in that regard, but what about sales figures?

Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Odyssey within a period of just three days sold over 2 million copies. Please note that the holidays are still on coming, so this number will soon increase with people who are planning to buy the Switch Mario bundle or just wait for the deals which are bound to happen in regard toBlack Friday, Cyber Sunday, Christmas, and so on..

It’s a system seller, a whopping game (our review is likely to be online this weekend) and it will provide an even stronger foundation for the Nintendo Switch, not that the Nintendo Switch would be nowhere without Mario, things are actually going pretty well with Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch.