Super Meat Boy – Physical release preview

Super Meat Boy – Physical release preview

It looks like Limited Run Games’ physical release of Super Meat Boy is going to be a, pardon the pun, pretty beefy package. 

Thanks to Limited Run Games, we now have a closer preview of what’s inside the box. Aside from beautiful interior artwork, standard copies of the game will also include a fully-illustrated manual!

Import time

Will you be adding this classic indie hit to your collection from Best Buy or are you waiting for the actual release from Limited Run Games? We are on that last boat as for as far as we know Best Buy does not doe international shipping… which is a shame.

But Super Meat Boy is awesome, if you have not played it before. Here is a small impression;


In the game the player controls Meat Boy, a red, cube-shaped character, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the game’s antagonist Dr. Fetus. The gameplay is characterized by fine control and split-second timing as the player runs and jumps through over 300 hazardous levels while avoiding obstacles