Super Smash Bros. UItimate Nintendo Labo VR trailer

Super Smash Bros. UItimate Nintendo Labo VR trailer

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has gotten a major update. You can now play the game in a brand new VR mode. Yay …

To mark the occasion, Nintendo has decided to release a new trailer. If you’re curious how the VR looks in the game, then this trailer will address that.


With a free software update, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becomes compatible with the Toy-Con VR Goggles from the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit. 


It turns out the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate VR mode compatibility means you could watch a CPU battle or fight one-on-one versus the AI.

To find VR Mode, someone needs to head to Games & More. The option shows up in the upper right corner, above the Classic Mode. Once someone heads in, they have different options.

One is a CPU battle. When someone chooses this, they can see four characters fight on one of “dozens” of stages. There is also an option to fight the CPU as player one. But once again one to one.

Yeah that is how amazing VR is for  Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but did the game even need VR to start with? We honestly do not think so. The execution is OK but we hope Nintendo is not going to go; all games need VR now. Because quite frankly while neat in concept … the VR is not that great not something most of us are looking for.

What are your thoughts on this development?