The Alliance HD Remastered – Extended Battle System Trailer

The Alliance HD Remastered – Extended Battle System Trailer

FuRyu has released an extended battle system footage for The Alliance Alive HD Remastered on Switch! The trailer shows an extended preview of the turn-based battle system.

Battle System


This human-powered flight machine is called an Ornithopter, and it’s mostly used in the Rain Realm. You can flap its wings to descend from a higher location to a lower one in the World Map.

Swan Song

“Swan Song” is a power suit that was developed for battle by Tiggy. Since she isn’t really able to fight on her own, Tiggy rides this to battle monsters. Riding Swan Song will also allow you to enter lava and destroy rock obstacles while on the map.


A large-scale Ark, formerly called the “Brionac,” that’s said to have built in the era before the Great Barrier divided the world. The Ark is the player’s base, and it allows you to freely sail across the Dark Current.

Snow Rabbit

The Snow Rabbit is an animal that inhabits the Snow Realm. It’s able to leap high enough to reach slightly higher areas on the World Map.


Wyverns inhabit the Crystal Realm. They’re referred to as “White Dragons” and fight alongside Humans in aerial battles.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered will be hitting the US on October 8th. Meanwhile, Europeans will receive the game later on October 11th, and Oceania will get it last on October 18th. The game will also be launching in Japan on October 10th.