The Bug Butcher is coming

The Bug Butcher is coming

A collaboration between 2Awesome Studio and Awefully Nice Studios ensures that The Bug Butcher comes to the Nintendo Switch.

About The Bug Butcher

In January 2016, The Bug Butcher appeared on the PC for the first time. The game was developed by Awefully Nice Studios and they also published the game themselves. For the Switch-port they have requested help from an external studio, 2Awesome Studio.


The Bug Butcher is a 2D side-scrolling shooter. Although your character can only move sideways, he will only be able to shoot upwards. This ensures that you have to walk under your enemies at the moment that they jump to shoot them from below. This way you’ll make your way through the different levels.

New strategy

This project will be the first project in the new 2Awesome Studio strategy. With this strategy they want to focus more on successfully porting different games. In addition to porting, they will also assume the issuing role. If this project is successful, we could expect (even) more ports from different (PC) games on the Nintendo Switch!

The Bug Butcher will appear on the Nintendo Switch this summer. During Gamescom later this month, the game will also be playable.