Upcoming Morphies Law Patch 2.0 features

Upcoming Morphies Law Patch 2.0 features

Cosmoscope, the team behind the multiplayer shooter Morphies Law, has recently been teasing sneak peaks of the new maps for the upcoming update for the game.

Two maps out of, apparently, twenty maps all in all have already been revealed, with the latest sneak peak showing a redesigned Maztec Temple. Previously, a brand new map called La Buttrocketeria was shown coming off with a danger warning about mixing guns and oil canisters.

Morphies Law Patch 2.0

In this, our second in the series of Morphies Law 2.0 teaser videos, we take a look at the re-designed Aztec rings map. The new Maztec Temple has steep inclines and a rotating center ring, which spins in the direction of the largest Morphie.

When you see that ring moving you’ll have to think twice about how to best take advantage of it! Don’t let it turn you into a sitting… Morphie! Will you be able to compete and beat the opposing team? With reworked bots and AI, the new Maztec Temple adds a brand new challenge to Morphies Law patch 2.0, coming soon to Nintendo Switch.

La Buttrocketeria

In the first of our 2.0 videos we are excited to give you a sneak peak of one of the new maps coming to Morphies Law: La Buttrocketeria!

If you’re a fan of feeling the breeze on your face whilst buttrocketing around at night, then la Buttrocketeria is the map for you. We warn you though, mixing guns and oil canisters can be dangerous… watch out!

La Buttrocketeria is coming to Morphies Law with patch 2.0 on Nintendo Switch soon!