Wargroove breaks-even in 3 Days

Wargroove breaks-even in 3 Days

Chucklefish has announced that their well-received Wargroove has managed to break-even sales-wise in just three days on sale, which is very impressive.

It’s been available on on PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


Near future updates

The company also outlined their plans for the near-future.

Patch coming soon

  • Fix bug that caused online multiplayer maps against AI to sometimes go into a broken state.
  • Fix bug that caused spectating online on Fog of War maps to not work correctly.
  • Fix bug that caused issues around resigning on matches.
  • Fix the display of some Japanese and Chinese characters.

The patch after the one above will include these tweaks

  • The ability to skip battle scenes more quickly. With various options on how this will work.
  • The ability to force fast map movement to ‘always on’.
  • Tooltips and more info for the effective/vulnerable charts.
  • In multiplayer, the host will be able to fill open spots with CPU players.
  • Display S rank requirements. (Tip for now, it’s always based on number of turns.)
  • Make it more difficult to accidentally end a turn.
  • Multiplayer Lobby improvements
  • Various bug fixes

Have you given Wargroove a chance already on Nintendo Switch?