Wizard’s Symphony gameplay footage

Wizard’s Symphony gameplay footage

Wizard’s Symphony has received new gameplay videos showcasing the game’s battle system.

On this set of videos, Arc System Works gives a good look at our band of explorers while in action. We also get to see the Dungeon Talk feature wherein characters will start up conversations while exploring a dungeon.

This system makes for a lively adventure which gives light on a number of character information. Characters will also react in various ways depending on your progress in the story and dungeon.




Wizard’s Symphony cast

Methuselah (voiced by Motoi Koyanagi)
Wizard’s SymphonyThe pioneer of “Conductors,” who guide people through the ruins, Methuselah is a great man who has discovered countless ruins. While he has already taken a step back from his Conductor work, he continues his adventure in search of the legendary magic kingdom, Gransca.

Malicia (voiced by Kikuko Inoue)
Wizard’s SymphonyA summoner aiming for Astel and treasures that sleep in the ruins. Together with her attendants Therese and Ferrin, she stands before Alto and company at every opportunity and attacks using summoned monsters.

Ferrin (voiced by Honoka Inoue)
Wizard’s SymphonyA half-cat girl and one of Malicia’s attendants alongside Therese. She seems to have some sort of connection to Feline Sora…

Therese (voiced by Kaoru Sakura)
Wizard’s SymphonyAn armored girl and one of Malicia’s attendants alongside Ferrin. She is extremely shy and is rumored to be a noblewoman.

Vasileus (voiced by Shinichiro Miki)
Wizard’s SymphonyA prodigy with enough ability and charisma to be called the reincarnation of King Valis of the magic kingdom Gransca. For certain reasons, he leads the descendants of Gransca to forma secret society called “Aquila.” He stands before Alto and company with overwhelming strength.

Canaan (voiced by Miya Amamiya)
Wizard’s SymphonyThe owner of Yildiz Magical Store, and Merak Yildiz’s older sister. She has a level-headed personality and is skilled in the art of drug synthesis.

Claudia (voiced by Yuu Ikeba)
Wizard’s SymphonyA blacksmith who runs the Sunbell blacksmith shop. She learned her craft by watching the techniques of her father, and currently acts as support for many adventurers.

Liza (voiced by Yuuki Kozue)
Wizard’s SymphonyThe poster girl for The Left-Hand Blow tavern. She seems to be a former adventurer, but does not talk much about the past. She has been associated with M Tours for a long time and is a good friend.

Wizard’s Symphony is due out for release on on 28th February 2019 in Japan. If you’re interested you may check out the pre-order details.