Zombie Night Terror – the most exciting night of your life!

Zombie Night Terror – the most exciting night of your life!

Something strange has happened and people are changing everywhere in bloodthirsty corpses. But do you know who the brain is behind this hungry undead army? YOU!


About Zombie Night Terror

So spread this pandemic to destroy humanity on this planet. The only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to be the apocalypse! Spread terror through 50 levels and bring more zombies into your undead army.

Along the way you have to solve difficult puzzles and battle against ever more powerful enemies who are determined to stay alive. The closer you get to the total extermination of humanity, the harder the survivors will fight to kill you … forever.

Enter a zombie army

You are the brain, they are the muscles. Your zombieleger obeys your orders without the danger of a strike or complaints … On the other hand, you can no longer have fascinating conversations about films or interesting books!

Unique mutation system

Having an army of deadly zombies is great. Having an army of mutated zombies is much better! Use our mutation system to break the defense of the enemy by creating powerful new types of zombies. Each species has its unique strength and skills that can help you overcome different situations.


Do you not have enough company? Do you need a larger army? Just change people in zombies to reach your goal! You do not have to bring flowers and be charming, because a single bite right in the neck (or wherever you want) should be sufficient!