Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge

Stand on the brink of discovery in Axiom Verge, a retro-inspired 2D action-exploration game for Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Travel through a hostile alien world, discover scores of weapon and ability upgrades, and unearth your role in a mysterious and compelling sci-fi plot.

The big bang

After destroying an entire research facility on Earth with a failed experiment, rookie scientist Trace awakens in a strange, bio-mechanical world called Sudra. This nightmarish realm is a surreal meld of disturbing, corrupted lifeforms and towering technological structures, left behind by an incredibly advanced alien race long ago.

Any sign of peaceful and coherent civilisation has long since abandoned Sudra, but a race of huge, sentient machines known as the Rusalki still reside beneath its surface, protecting the planet from ill-intentioned invaders. Trace quickly learns that the all-knowing Rusalki are slowly fading, and that their destiny is closely intertwined with the fate of the entire universe.

Bravely go forward

Alone, you must run and gun your way through a vast, interconnected world, piecing together a mysterious storyline using the lore scattered across the isolated planet. The Wii U GamePad puts the world map in the palm of your hands at all times, helping you to navigate through nine labyrinthine, interlocking areas filled with secrets, surprises and huge, hideous boss battles.

Axiom Verge is heavily inspired by the exploratory nature of classic adventure games from the 16-bit era. At the start of your journey, large parts of the map will be inaccessible, but by finding new items you’ll be able to drill deep into the bedrock, swing across chasms and even teleport through walls, opening up all-new possibilities.

Fighting fit

Assemble a range of unique and varied weapons to fight off the grotesque, violent monsters that call Sudra home. Lock and load the electrifying Kilver and devastate enemies at close range with a huge blast of lightning, or fire bouncing projectiles off of walls with the Reflector weapon. With over 20 wildly different upgradeable weapons to discover, you can mix up your play style and take the fight to the enemy however you like.

Augment your arsenal by collecting hidden Nodes, special power-ups that grant you superior firepower. Improve the various aspects of your weapons’ performance, such as the amount of damage they deal, the range they can cover and the size of projectiles they dole out. You can also increase your maximum life force by collecting Health Nodes, making you an even more formidable fighter.

Glitch perfect

Take aim with the inventive Address Disruptor to corrupt and ‘glitch’ the world around you, allowing you to bend the usually oppressive world of Sudra to your will. This handy tool can affect certain enemies and environments in unexpected ways – missile-firing creatures can be altered to replenish your health, while rising bubbles of air can be transformed into solid platforms that you can hitch a ride on.

Alter reality further with the unlockable Passcode Tool, a useful gadget that allows you to radically change the laws of the world around you. By typing in certain codes – many of which are hidden throughout the game world – Trace will be able to jump higher, shoot faster and even read the ancient languages of Sudra. The Wii U GamePad touch screen allows you to type in codes and see their effects immediately without having to pause the game.

Blaze a trail

For those who like to go fast, Axiom Verge features a dedicated Speedrun Mode. This game mode is specifically designed for players who like to pit themselves against the clock. Play with a streamlined interface, skip story cutscenes and cut out the dialogue to complete the game in record time.

Explore every nook and cranny of an alien world, unlock a whole host of powerful weaponry and abilities and discover the truth in Axiom Verge, an old-school action-exploration game for Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

  • Explore a vast, isolated alien world and play your part in an epic sci-fi storyline
  • Unlock scores of weapons, abilities and tools to aid you in combat and exploration
  • Use the unique Address Disruptor to ‘glitch’ enemies and aspects of the environment
  • Race through the dedicated Speedrun Mode and complete the game in record time