Help Beatbuddy and his pals restore harmony to the mystical world of Symphonia in Beatbuddy, a beautifully composed musical adventure for Nintendo eShop on Wii U.

Prince Maestro’s conducting an evil plan to steal the planet’s music all for himself. You’ll have to help Beatbuddy drum up support from a vibrant cast including Clef, Treble, Quaver and more to settle the score and save Symphonia.

Featuring an original soundtrack with songs composed by known artists including Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, in Beatbuddy the soundtrack is your aid to exploring this unique underwater universe.

Journey through six hand-painted 2D worlds, pay attention to the unique rhythm of each level, and learn to play to the beat to overcome the challenges, open up new paths and solve puzzles. Each enemy you attack and object you interact with will remix the beat and song of each living, breathing world.

Can you keep in time with Beatbuddy’s puzzle-platforming groove?

  • Play to the beat to master your environment and solve puzzles in this musical adventure
  • Over 30 levels across six worlds to explore, each with their own beats and rhythm
  • An original soundtrack that remixes as you interact with each level