Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Close the curtains, crank up the sound and bolt the door – evil is about to take residence inside your Nintendo GameCube. The original survival horror classic Resident Evil comes exclusively to GCN with a complete overhaul of graphics and gameplay, taking full advantage of the incredible power of Nintendo GameCube.

This version – not available on any other system – takes the concept of the 1996 original, a creepy mansion overrun by the walking dead, and brings it bang up to date. With bigger levels, new brainteasers and more shocks and surprises than ever (plus those jaw-dropping graphics) Resident Evil fans and newcomers to the series will both be blown away.

Following a series of unexplained deaths in Raccoon City, the STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) Bravo Team is sent in to investigate. But they go mysteriously missing, and the Alpha Team follows in hot pursuit. But the mission has barely begun when it goes gruesomely wrong. Only a handful of team members survives by seeking shelter in a seemingly safe mansion – but they chose the wrong place to hide!

Your choice of character – either expert lock-picker Jill Valentine or gun-toting Chris Redfield – will alter your experience of the game, as each has a unique story, weapons and moves. By a combination of puzzle-solving and action, you must stay alive long enough to discover the whereabouts of Bravo Team and uncover the mansion’s mysteries. Resident Evil is a game that will grab you from the beginning and never let go. With the incredible graphical power of the GameCube, you’ll feel the fear like never before. The backgrounds may be static but they’re full of life; including grass blowing in the wind, flickering lights, shifting shadows and dripping water.

And, if you thought this remake would be a walkover, prepare for a shock. Tougher zombies will test your trigger finger, new puzzles will drain your brain, and previously unseen locations will disrupt your sense of direction. Plus there are many more secrets waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re a fan of the original or a newcomer to Raccoon City, Resident Evil for Nintendo GameCube will leave you breathless.