Rocket League

Rocket League

After years of waiting in 2017 finally came the announcement that Rocket League would come to the Nintendo Switch. The months before the release were the worst, but at last November 14, 2017 it was available!

As soon as the clock hit 0.00 I bought the game throuhg the Nintendo website on the smartphone, to find out that the download was going to take a while. A heavy damper as it turns out, Nintendo was also working on the Eshop.

When I finally got to work it was just fun right out of the gates. Form a team together with a friend, and try to master everything. The game is cross-platform playable. This means that if your friends do not have a Nintendo Switch but Rocket League, you can still play together (atleast if your friend does not play on a PS4).

For now, this is only possible via private battle, but Psyonix has said that it will come up with a solution in 2018.

Battlecars, adjustments & DLC

From the beginning there was already a lot of DLC available in the form of battle cars. After a while with the Mario / Luigi NSR (depending on which team you have played), I finally unlocked Samus’ Gunship. These are super cool Nintendo exclusive battlecars, unfortunately people with a different platform can not see them.


Furthermore, there are still plenty of adjustments to unlock by leveling. Other antenna’s, wheels, rocket boost, and more. The possibilities are almost infinite, so something for everyone. You can also get crates that can be opened with keys. Please note that you must buy these keyes

If you are not satisfied with what comes out of your crate, then there is the option to exchange with friends.

rocket league -skyline

When I went to see the battlecars between the DLC, there were 2 who immediately begged me to buy them.

I bought the ’99 Nissan Skyline GT-R 34 out of 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Delorean out of Back to the Future. The Skyline is a favorite after +50 hours in the game, but the Delorean also often comes on the field. There are plenty of other battlecars available that cost € 1.99 each, and some come in a bundle for other prizes.


After the necessary hours, I myself see the progress that has been made, but I will not call myself “pro”. In the beginning you are mainly concerned with getting the ball right, and scoring with a lot of luck. When I had a bit of it, I ventured an attempt to play as a goalie, which ended badly.

rocket league -flying

For this I went to the tutorial section of the game. This has helped me very well and is definitely recommended for beginners. Once you start the goalkeeping, it is time to go one step further: Flying.

This is much more difficult when other players make you think, and have also gone back to the tutorials. Meanwhile I have a little by yet but it remains a tricky thing.

If you also have problems with this, do not give up and keep practicing. Especially if you want to tackle the competitive part.

Rocket League Competitive

If you are already struggling with normal matches (or can not handle your losses), stay away from the “ranked” matches. Having played this myself a few times, but it is really hard against hard. You immediately notice that your opponent does not play this for fun and wants to win.

It is not as bad as the Esports tournaments, which you may have ever seen. As soon as I have more experience and agility myself, I will certainly continue with this.

In game events

Rocket League has events that are associated with, among other things, public holidays. Unfortunately, Rocket League did not play until after Halloween, because there was an event at the time. My first event was therefore the Christmas event in December.

rocket league - NSR

During an event you can earn in game currency by playing online, in December this was snowflake currency (snowflakes). With this you could buy adaptation again in a Christmas theme. This could be stuff for your car, such as a Christmas tree or angel wings, but also a banner to make your profile a bit more personal.

Furthermore, you also had theme related crates that you could buy with snowflakes, and a kind of key to open them. The only difference with this key and the key that you can buy with real money? With the event keys you could no longer exchange objects with friends.


In TV mode I have little to complain about the image. Everything runs smoothly and is good to see (unless you have lag). This is different in handheld mode. To make the game as smooth as possible, they have reduced the graphics. This is also an update for so you can set this yourself.

I usually play docked and I do not need those settings.

rocket league - SAMUS


The soundtrack of Rocket League, with which we have been able to make a trailer, is really my favorite track in the game. But actually there is no bad music at all in the game.

If you are ever curious about it and have time to spare, then go and listen. Personally, I am sorry that there are no options for music during a match. Who knows, maybe this will happen in the future.



Do you dare to take me on in a match, or do you want to play together against others? Drop your Nintendo Switch friend code below in the comments. If you do not feel comfortable with that, then we can also look to play a private match, I like to see your challenges!

Final Score

Game title: Rocket League

Game description: Tired of ordinary football? Tired of the ordinary racing games? You can combine these with Rocket League. Customize your car to your own taste, and go to battle. Drive or fly to the goal of the opponent, and make that goal.


  • 80%
    Visual - 80%
  • 93%
    Audio - 93%
  • 97%
    Gameplay - 97%
  • 94%
    Difficulty - 94%
  • 96%
    Content - 96%
  • 99%
    Extra's - 99%


Rocket League may not be perfect, but it does provide 100% entertainment. Even if you actually have nothing with cars or soccer.