New Monster Hunter to be announced in March 2019

New Monster Hunter to be announced in March 2019

A new Monster Hunter game by Capcom is being hinted for Nintendo Switch by multiple figures in the video game industry. Well ehh two figures.

One confirms the other?

The first person who’s claiming this is LeakyPandy. LeakyPandy claims that a new and original Monster Hunter title will be announced sometime in March 2019.


LeakyPandy’s track record is certainly not the best, but David Gibson, a long time industry veteran who attends Nintendo and Capcom financial briefings, appears to be hinting towards something as well;

So; does one confirm the other? We honestly don’t know for sure but we don’t believe in coincides like this as well. What are your thoughts? And perhaps even more what would you want more from on new Monster Hunter game on the Nintendo Switch?