Ubisoft – 5 AAA games between April 2020 – March 2021

Ubisoft revealed plans for the near future and it has five triple-a video games scheduled to launch between April 2020 and March 2021. We already know some of the titles which are scheduled as part of that release period and those are Gods & Monsters for the Nintendo Switch, Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow 6: Quarantine. ... Read more

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Developers – Hiring for prestigious AAA Title

Ubisoft Milan, developers behind Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Nintendo Switch, may have something brewing behind the scenes. Can you tell I am excited? Recently, the studio opened up a new job listing to add a “talented 3D Animator” to its ranks. In particular, the job listing mentions that the role will be involved ... Read more

SEGA – Unannounced AAA title for Gamescom 2019 + Full Lineup

SEGA revealed their lineup for Gamescom 2019 which will be taking place later this month. Their lineup reveals that the SEGA Genesis Mini and Two Point Hospital for Nintendo Switch will be shown off along with an unannounced AAA title. Unannounced AAA Title Visitors will be treated to a first-hand look at an all-new AAA ... Read more

Ubisoft – 3 unannounced AAA titles to release before April 2020

Ubisoft has said in its conference call to investors that it currently has three unannounced games scheduled to be released before April next year. Rumors and speculation One of these games is rumoured to be a new entry in the Splinter Cell series. Hopefully all three will be revealed during Ubisoft’s E3 presentation on 10th ... Read more

Ubisoft – 3/4 AAA Games in fiscal year

The Ubisoft conference call took place and the company stated that they are currently planning to launch 3-4 large budget titles during the next fiscal year. Ubisoft says they will launch between 3 to 4 AAA games in the next fiscal year (April 2019 to March 2020) but will not be commenting today on what ... Read more

Capcom – Releasing 3 major games every fiscal year

Capcom has informed investors and consumers that it plans to release around three major games every fiscal year. These will be its AAA games such as Monster Hunter and Resident Evil etc. Of course they will also release smaller titles etc, but the company also wants to release three AAA each fiscal year.  According to Capcom ... Read more

Nintendo treats indie games same as AAA titles

Indie games have proved to be a massive success on the Nintendo Switch eShop. We’ve heard of plenty of indie success stories on the platform as users opt to play them on the go and also at home. In a recent interview  Nintendo has said that they treat indie titles the same way as they ... Read more