A terrifying, sad, but warm story drawn in a beautiful glassy world. The player becomes a sword in the story and advances to the heart of the world with the help of some children. Features Original art and the world with stained glass motif Game design without UI to enhance immersive gameplay Story telling which ... Read more

Gleamlight devs – Still in early development in response to Hollow Knight comparison

Many fans noticed that when Gleamlight took the stage in the Indie World presentation there where similarities to the acclaimed Hollow Knight. Polygon contacted the publisher behind Gleamlight and expressed the opinion that they and legions of other felt the game borrowed too heavily on Hollow Knight.  D3Publisher / DICO replies ‘Gleamlight’ is still in ... Read more

Indie World Showcase roundup

Nintendo, accompanied by independent developers from around the world, previewed an extensive variety of indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020. They also surprised fans with a pair of games that will be launching the same day. The diverse lineup of games highlighted in the video includes Axiom Verge 2. But also the sequel to ... Read more